Kate Vassallo is an Australian visual artist, recently relocated from Sydney to Canberra.


With an interest in process-orientated repetition, building material density and optical perception, Vassallo designs creative and materially driven systems to make her final artworks. Though currently focusing on drawing, her artistic practice spans a number of different media including printmaking, photomedia and installation.


Vassallo takes interest in the way that digital and contemporary culture has changed perceptions of art, imagery and aesthetics. Building on our visually cluttered, high-speed media consumption, she makes artworks that attempt to slow audiences down. These pieces simultaneously defy the digital through laborious handmade production, while also echoing the forms and generative systems of our everyday technology.


Vassallo also has a collaborative practice with fellow visual artist James Lieutenant. When collaborating, the pair focuses on large-scale, abstract, graphic wall paintings that respond to architectural spaces. They have exhibited at a number of institutions across Australia, including Artbank, Canberra Museum and Gallery, Bus Projects (Melbourne) and Canberra Contemporary Art Space, as well as working on private commissions and public art projects.